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November 2015

Volume 1 Issue 2


Research Article

The Study of Intensity, Duration and Type of Thunderstorms using Radar Images and Instability Indices in Southwest of Iran (Case Studies)

Foroozan Arkian*, Sajad shahheidar

Thunderstorms produce damaging winds, hail and shower over southwestern Iran during the cold season. We tried to obtain knowledge of Intensity, Duration and Type (IDT) of the storms by radar images and some convection-related parameters such as K, Showalter, Total Total, Helicity and Energy-Helicity (EHI) indices; Convective available potential energy (CAPE) and Bulk Richardson number (BRN) in the area. The surface and upper air data were taken from General Forecast System (GFS) with spatial resolution of 0.5°×0.5° and a temporal resolution of 6 h. The case studies consist three convective systems that caused severe damage and flooding in the area.

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Research Article

Enhanced Removal of Arsenic Species from Water by Functionalised Mesoporous Hybrid Material

Salah Ali Mahgoub Idris*

In this study, two types of functionalised mesoporous silica, mercaptopropyl-SBA-15 (MP-SBA-15) and aminopropyl- SBA-15 (AP-SBA-15) were prepared and the adsorption of As (III) and As(V) species by these adsorbents was investigated. The equilibrium data well fitted the Langmuir sorption isotherms and the maximum adsorption capacity of As (III) and As(V) reached 98.2 mg/g and 97.2 mg/g for MP-SBA-15 towards As(V) extracted and APSBA- 15 when As(III) extracted, respectively. The kinetics data found to be fitted by pseudo-second-order kinetic model.

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